the Process of Disillusionment

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Leadership is the process of influencing others to do what needs to be done by providing purpose, direction, and motivation. I think that clear guidance is the key to success because people perform better when they know what they are... Continue Reading →

Yet another case of Stolen Valor

So, the current band is going well. We’re playing lots of gigs, getting paid decent, we’re all getting along, etc. We just played two gigs this weekend, a festival for St. Patrick’s Day and then some bar we’d never been... Continue Reading →

Noah’s Ark

What are the two main causes for extinction? 1: Loss of habitat 2: Lack of genetic variation Of course there can be lots of different circumstances leading up to these two factors; i.e. pollution, deforestation, overhunting, etc., but when it... Continue Reading →

a Hypothetical Case of Stolen Valor of Biblical Proportions

I belong to a closed group on Facebook where members spend vast amounts of their free time arguing about the finer points of biblical truth. It’s actually kind of fun! In this particular instance, a member of the believer variety... Continue Reading →

Zumba and Confirmation Bias

Do you go to the gym? I do. And as far as I’m concerned, my earbuds are essential pieces of gym equipment. I can appreciate most genres of music, but when I’m working out, I like to go heavy –... Continue Reading →

Obvious and Undeniable Benefits

Along our journeys through life – when discussing or studying religions, anyway – most of us have come across or have heard some sort of version of Pascal’s Wager. I’ve heard religious people use it and not even know that... Continue Reading →

Reparations and Original Sin

Often times, like most of us, I come across some rather explicit socially and racially divisive content on social media. One topic that has caught my attention numerous times is the racially-explosive idea regarding reparations for slavery. Most people are... Continue Reading →

Dating Co-Workers, Part II

When we got there, I ordered a round – whiskey shots and Blue Moons for everyone! We hung out, drank our drinks, complained about work of course, talked about life, whatever, but you know what? We seemed to get along... Continue Reading →

Dating Co-workers, Part I

Following the actual divorce from wife number 2 (the first marriage doesn’t count – it was one of those brief, military marriages), I got involved with a co-worker. She went through similar circumstances; i.e. recently divorced, had two kids, similar... Continue Reading →

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