I am not afraid to share and discuss ideas that most consider to be taboo. I’m also not afraid to ask the questions people don’t normally think to ask, or point out things that don’t make sense. I’ll admit I do not have all the answers, either, but I know that after discussing things, people usually feel better. Is there anything better than encountering an issue and discussing it with the people involved and collaboratively coming up with a peaceful resolution?

Often times, there are things that need to be said that go unsaid, and this leads to way too many people harboring feelings of resentment. Now, I know that not everyone goes on a shooting rampage after keeping these feelings bottled up too long, but there are plenty of wrecked relationships out there to support this theory. Consider workplace conflicts. Or parenting. Or romantic relationships and marriages. Or online dating. If people sometimes just said what needed to be said, things may just go smoother. Who knows? 

Furthermore, I know that nobody cares. People have little to zero attention span anymore, and that’s fine. This blog may be nothing more than a collection of my personal thoughts and somewhat coherent ramblings, but I feel like I’m on the tail-end of a legitimate midlife crisis, and I feel like I am coming out on top. I feel as if I have earned the authority to speak on these matters, and in a lot of ways, writing out my thoughts is really a creative form of therapy for me. I am closing in on 37 years of age and I have experienced a vastly wide variety of successes and failures in life so far.

I’ve been married (twice), I’ve been divorced (twice), I’ve had decent jobs and positions, not-so decent ones, I’ve made a lot of money and been unhappy at the same time, I’ve made less money and been happy, of course I have kids, a dog, a cat, turtles, fish, tortoises. I have a decent house in suburbia, a boat, a motorcycle, I’ve been laid off, experienced a foreclosure, been promoted at work, been demoted, bought and sold items on Craigslist, been in vehicular accidents. I’ve even written a letter to my immediate supervisor at 3pm one afternoon, finished my shift and clocked out at 5pm and handed it to him, letting him know I’m never coming back.

But all that is beside the point. Seriously. The purpose of this is not to brag about all the good and bad things I’ve done but more or less establish the fact that I’m a bit experienced and weathered by the pursuit of happiness here in America. If there is anything that I hope to impress upon anyone who stumbles up this blog, it’s this: as humans, our only true resources are our time and our health. Everything else, i.e. money, houses, cars, jobs, it’s all just stuff. So be mindful of how you spend your resources as they are not limitless, and be picky in what you let consume your mental bandwidth capacity.

Believe it or not, I am hopeful and I have a positive outlook for the future. I am positive, yet disillusioned. Most people assign a negative value to the term disillusionment, but I find it to be quite liberating. There is a very blurry line between disillusionment and disenchantment, but please know that although they can be used in similar manners, they are two different terms and when disambiguated, one would see that they do not carry the same meaning. The tricky part is to become disillusioned without becoming too disenchanted – now therein lies a challenge!