the Process of Disillusionment

Alternate views on – Politics. Patriotism. Higher Education. Jobs. Money. Religion. Gun Control. Online Dating (and much more).

Reparations and Original Sin

Often times, like most of us, I come across some rather explicit socially and racially divisive content on social media. One topic that has caught my attention numerous times is the racially-explosive idea regarding reparations for slavery. Most people are... Continue Reading →

Dating Co-Workers, Part II

When we got there, I ordered a round – whiskey shots and Blue Moons for everyone! We hung out, drank our drinks, complained about work of course, talked about life, whatever, but you know what? We seemed to get along... Continue Reading →

Dating Co-workers, Part I

Following the actual divorce from wife number 2 (the first marriage doesn’t count – it was one of those brief, military marriages), I got involved with a co-worker. She went through similar circumstances; i.e. recently divorced, had two kids, similar... Continue Reading →

Another Untimely Death

Recently, a co-worker’s daughter died. This particular co-worker is slightly older than me, not by much, and she is a single-parent of 4 kids. We’ve gotten to know each other a bit as we are similar in age, live on... Continue Reading →

Some Motivating Factors for Divorce and Abortion Part II

So, what was I thinking back then?! I’ve told you what I was thinking, and the outcome was not as disastrous as a lot out there in today’s society. We had no kids, so when we decided to end things... Continue Reading →

Some Motivating factors for Divorce and Abortion Part I

I think, without trying very hard, that there are plenty of negative things we can discuss about religions. Most people, when criticizing religions, tend to go with the extremes, such as holy wars and inquisitions and the fact that more... Continue Reading →

the Rabbit Hole of Unbelief

So, where do I begin? I could tell the same life story that many of us experienced growing up, i.e. moving around as a kid because my family was poor, going to many churches along the way, etc., but there’s... Continue Reading →

Politics and Religion (two equally divisive topics that go hand-in-hand)

I’ll say it: for the normal, working-class citizen of America, it doesn’t really matter who gets elected to be the president of the United States of America. I have seen plenty of instances where people think that candidate A or... Continue Reading →

the Big Payback (written in 2004)

(Minimal editing - I'll admit: I swore a lot back then). All summer long, my ex-wife was e-mailing me from Korea, bugging me about this thousand dollars that I owed her from the divorce, which was several years prior. Technically,... Continue Reading →

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